ITALY 2002


Sadly, most of my film was stolen, but I am fortunate to have 3 rolls of my trip.

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I landed in Nice on March 28th and spent the night. I met with friends from America. We ate a Le Turin, the same restaurant my daughter and I had dinner the year before. The food is excellent, but the service can be "indifferent". Must be a "French" thing. The next day, I picked up my Peugeot 406 (nice car, handles well in hillside roads) and drove to Italy. Made it to Fiumicino and spent the night. Visited the ruins, but I will return because the photos are gone. I drove to Vitulano and spent Easter with my cousins.

I drove to Serre to find records on Goglias in this town. I was not successful, it was raining, so I drove to Marina di Camerota. It rained, but this town must be a delight on a clear sunny day. I have a couple of photos from the Marina, but it was a rainy day. I drove north up the coast, avoiding the autostrada. Along the way, shepherds were moving their flock along the road in the rain. After stopping to take photos, I continued into Salerno. I ended up driving through downtown Salerno. I will not do this again. I was heading for Cava de Terrini and since it was located in hills above Salerno, I just kept the mountains in front of me and finally made it out of Salerno onto the road to Cava. I was looking for the Hotel Scapolatiello. Fortunately along the roads in Cava there were direction signs pointing to various hotels. It wasn't easy, but I finally found the hotel. This hotel is situated in the mountains and right next to the monastery. After visiting the monastery, I visited Vieti Sul Mare, then returned to Serre in order to continue my search for La Famiglia Goglia. I met the parish priest, who informed me the records I am looking for are located in the monastery in Cava. I was instructed to write to him and he will send for the records.

I returned to Vitulano, where I continued my search for relatives. I did get my grandfather's death certificate. This is the last document I needed in order to apply for my Italian citizenship.

My cameras were stolen while I was at a service station, so I returned home a few days early.

I am going back in July. My plans are to visit the towns along the Adriatic coast. return to MY TRAVELS