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1996 was my first trip out of the United States and I thank my daughter, Aimee Noel, for this. After she graduated college, we sent Aimee to Europe for a 3 month long trip. While putting together all the necessities for her trip, I mentioned that I would like to go, but she quickly added: "NO!, this is Aimee's trip". However, soon after arriving in Europe, she called and asked if I would like to meet her in Rome during the last weeks of her trip. As soon as I hung up the phone, I was out the door to get my passport. As you see, I have returned to Italy several times, in part because of the wonderful relatives I met for the first time. I have been up and down the peninsula, visiting many comunes, but I have barely scratched the surface. There is so much to see in just Italy, add the rest of Europe ( as I have been doing the last few years) and my travels have truly been rewarding.

My only problem is the amount of photos I take and the time needed to put them into the web page.






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