March and April



I like to visit my relatives in Italy every Easter. This year, Easter was April 16th, but the Cruft's dog show was March 9th. The only thing I could do was spend 45 days in Europe. March in England, Ireland and Germany can be cold. There was snow on the ground in Munich. Although cloudy most of the time, I was fortunate there were not many rainy days.

While in England, I attend the Cruft's dog show and well as the show presented by the Kerry Blue Terrier Association near Oxford. Afterwards, I travel the countryside to visit as many places as possible. After England, I went to Ireland for a week. Everything said about the friendliness of the Irish people is true. I was in Ireland for St. Patrick's day and the Five Nation rugby championship ( this is a wild time in Ireland). Afterwards, I flew to Munich to pick up my rental car and spend a few days visiting Bavaria before travelling to Italy. It is about a four hour drive from Munich to Verona. This is one of the nicest drives, even on the autostrada (highway). The road goes through the snow covered mountains of Germany, Austria and Italy. On the return trip to Germany, I used the local roads (SS12). If you are not in a hurry the trip takes 2-3 hours longer, but I found it to be more enjoyable. Most of the road parallels the railroad tracks, rivers, and the autostrada, but travels through some real picturesque towns.