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January 14, 2011: I decided to add some background to my genealogy and the never ending search. I started this search around 1989, well that's when I started looking for Goglia. I knew all of my Panzarino relatives from my mother's side of the family. Almost all of them were in the United States. It was the Goglia side that were a mystery. My dad's sister lived in New Orleans and I knew of a cousin in Italy. Then, there were stories about relatives in Syracuse who were in the pasta business. The Internet was coming of age and searching the web was a novelty at the time. This was before graphics and everything was text. Fast forward to 1996, we sent our daughter to Europe after she graduated college. Aimee called me from Europe and suggested I meet her in Italy. That's all I needed to begin my first trip to Italy.

While waiting for my daughter, who was in Greece, I went to visit my cousin, Gary, in Caserta. Gary is son of Amerigo, the youngest of my dad's siblings. There were seven children born to Pasquale Goglia and Luigia Goglia. Two were born in Italy, the rest in Boston. Gary took me to visit relatives that I never knew existed. My Vitulanese cousins are the children of Donato Goglia. He is the youngest of my grandmother's siblings. From my cousins I learned of family in America. Lidia Goglia DiFranco lived in Maryland. Lidia is the daughter of Mose Goglia, my dad's uncle and godfather. My dad was born November 1914. Mose came to America and went to his Uncle Ernesto in Syracuse NY. While in Syracuse, Mose traveled to Boston for the baptismal of my father. My dad was born at 300 Summer Street East Boston. Cosimo Goglia, the father of Mose, was in the pasta business in Italy. His brother, Ernesto, started Goglia Macaroni in Syracuse.

After I returned home, a couple of interesting events occurred. Remember, at this time, I found just a few Goglia during my first visits to the Internet. Watching the local news, there was a story about Philip Goglia. He holds a doctorate in nutrition. Philip's family is from Philadelphia. Watching the news again, a story about a train hitting a school bus in Chicago. The NTSB investigated, the investigator: John Goglia. Later that year, a train derailed in Maryland, the investigator, John Goglia. I called the NTSB, left a message, called back and talked to John Goglia. As the conversion progressed, I learned John was born in Boston. Remember the house where my dad was born, John was born in the house next door, but 30 years later. John's grandfather, Francesco, owned the house. When my dad was born, Francesco lived at 343 Summer Street.

In October of 1996, I went to Boston. I went to see the house and find other information. I was able to get a record of his baptism. After Boston, I went to New Jersey to visit the where I lived before moving to California. One of the first Goglia I found on the Internet was Antonio Goglia. I visited him at his bycicle shop in Vauxhall. I didn't get much information from him, but his story continues after I returned home. After New Jersey, I went to DC and met Lidia and her family. I also met John Goglia. When I started looking up information, I found Francesco Goglia coming to America. My grandfather was from Vitulano. Francesco was from Serre. The towns are not close.

I returned home, went back to work in Lucky Stores grocery. A woman comes through my checkout counter. She has an East Coast accent, we talk. Marilyn is from New Jersey, I was born in New Jersey. She was born in Vauxhall, when I was just born, we lived in Vauxhall. I mentioned to Marilyn that I just returned from New Jersey. I mentioned I went to a bike shop in Vauxhall to visit Anthony Goglia. Marilyn tells me that is her uncle. Marilyn lives a couple of blocks from me. Her family comes from Vitulano.

1996 was the year I really started to search.


While I build this site, please send e-mail about your Goglia family. As this page expands, I hope to include links and information on as many Goglias as possible. Check the database for your family. "Goglia in south Italy" is a list of addresses and phone numbers. If you find a connection in either database, please share the information with me. Together, we can find our roots.

January 1, 2010: The search for Goglia has expanded my knowledge of Italian history, especially medieval history. Now, I want to know where the name originated. In the south of Italy is found Goglia. In the north, the name Goglio is found along with two villages, Valgoglio and Goglio. Travel across the border into Slovenia, the name Goglia is Golja. Travel into Istria and we find the villages of Veli Golji and Mali Golji (big and little Goglia). Travel further east into Romania is the Golia. Monastery.

Question? Are these names related, connected in any way? There are more Golia in Italy than Goglia. Most Goglia are found in Vitulano. Close by is the comune of Circello and home to many Golia.

Lately, I have been reading about DNA genealogy. Tests of the Y-chromosone is supposed to indicate the location of a surname. Several genealogical groups have been created using the results of DNA testing.

Question? Is Goglia/Golja/Goglio/Golia connected to the Longobardi invasion and rule of Italy? I have created word documents for an Italian telephone search of the names Goglia, Goglio and Golia.

Goglia from the Ellis Island database